Time Tracker IQ

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Pricing (USD)
Yearly Subscription 14.99
Half-yearly Subscription 9.99
Bymonthly Subscription 4.99
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Can I test the app before I pay for it?

Yes you can!
The moment you register on the website, you will be granted a 45 days trial period to test the software.
If you decide to pay for a license before the trial ends, we will add the remaining trial days to you your subscription, that means you will always get your first free 45 days.

What happens when my licence expire or when I cancel it?

We will allow you to use our software for as long as you want and we will never delete your data (unless you want it).
But we will restrict your access to only the most recent information (the current month) and the export function will be disabled. Our restriction is based on the fact that there is a cost to maintain our servers, and we reserve the right to limit the usage of features that are expensive in terms of computational power (like file export and search for historical data).

Can I select a short term subscription and modify it later?

Yes you can!
You can modify your subscription plan any time and the next bill be based on the new plan selection.

Payment process:

No payment information is collected by Time Tracker IQ website. You will be sent to PAYPAL's website to execute your payment operation and when you finish your transaction, you will be sent back to Time Tracker IQ's website.