Frequently Asked Questions

Get link code and online sync problems

The maintenance of the Bluetooth connection between you watch and your mobile is not part of Genius Wrist's apps, it is an internal feature of your watch operating system.
When the app displays the message "Phone Offline" it is just reporting the information the watch operating system is sending to it.

Enabling the Bluetooth on your watch or phone does not mean there is a connection.

If you are experiencing Bluetooth connection issues with Garmin Connect Mobile, you may encounter some of the following symptoms:

  1. Garmin device connects initially but then falls into a prolonged disconnected state Unable to sync data from the device to Garmin Connect
  2. Smart Notifications not displaying on the Garmin device
  3. Widgets on the device are not working (Weather, Calendar, etc.)

To troubleshoot, first, check the Device Button at the top of the My Day view of Garmin Connect Mobile. The Device Button will display the status of your preferred activity tracker:

A green dot indicates that your Garmin device is connected.

A red dot signifies a connectivity issue and should be accompanied by a red banner with information on your My Day view. 

No dot signifies that your Garmin device is paired with your phone but is not connected*. 

 Try the steps following to solve this issue:

  1. Confirm your Garmin device is in Bluetooth range of the phone. 
  2. Restart the phone and the Garmin device**. Rebooting each will typically solve most connection issues. Allow up to a minute for it to fully boot up, then open Connect Mobile and allow up to 30 seconds to connect. 
  3. Proceed to step 3 if this did not solve the issue. Remove and then add the Garmin device back into Connect Mobile. Follow those steps by clicking here.

This icon indicates that there is no device paired to Connect Mobile. Press this icon, select your device, and follow the instructions to add it to Connect Mobile.

If you continue to experience Bluetooth Connectivity issues:

  1. Check for updates in the phone's app store to confirm you are running the latest version of the Connect Mobile app
  2. Confirm that the Garmin device is running the latest version of the software by connecting it to a computer and installing Garmin Express. Garmin Express will automatically check for and install any available updates.
  3. Confirm that your Mobile Device is running the latest version of iOS or Android. Consult your phone manufacturer for assistance if needed.
  4. Review our Bluetooth Compatibility Requirements to ensure the mobile device meets our minimum system requirements
  5. Contact Garmin Support

A connection issue can cause this problem, in this case, take a look at the Bluetooth troubleshooting topic.

Or it can be caused by your project configuration.

Only active projects, which contain at least one active task will be sent to the watch.


Doesn't matter from which page you generate the report, it will always contain the project and task name, start and end date and time, currency and cost for all time entries.

Generating the report from the dashboard will include all time entries of ALL projects for the SELECTED month.

Generating the report from the summary report will include the time entries for the SELECTED project and month.

The detailed report page displays a maximum range of seven days and does not have an export option, but you can obtain all the information you need with one of the options above.


If you are about to report an error, be aware that the following information is essential to our team to reproduce the problem and fix the issue as fast as possible.
Please be clear and concise without missing key points. Any lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding and slows down or prevents an analysis.

Pay particular attention to the following aspects of your report:

Describe how to reproduce the error:
- Explain the steps required to reproduce the problem.
- Let us know if the error is repeatable. That means, it always occurs if you execute the same steps in the same order.

Give the context:
- Provide the name of the project an task you found the problem.
- If the issue is on the website Inform the we page, and the actions you performed and it it is in the watch app let us know the button you pressed and the action you executed.
- Log into your account and always report using the website contact form so we can have easy access to your user information and watch model.

This suggestions are guidelines. The better you describe your problem the faster will be our response to your problem.

Do not mistake the in-app menu with your watch settings menu!

First, you must run the Time Tracker IQ app and then open the app menu.

How to open the menu in each device model: 

FR 920: press the LEFT BOTTOM button for 3 seconds 
Fenix 3 / HR: Hold the LEFT MIDDLE button for 3 seconds 
Fenix 5, 5s ,5x: Hold the LEFT MIDDLE button for 3 seconds 
FR 230, 235 and 735: Hold the UP button for 3 seconds 
FR 630: Press MENU button at the bottom of the watch display
FR 935: Hold the LEFT MIDDLE button for 3 seconds
vívoactive: Press MENU button at the bottom right of the watch display 
vívoactive HR: Hold the RIGHT BOTTOM button for 3 seconds 
vívoactive 3: Press the center of the watch display for 3 seconds 

To browse the menu options use the UP or DOWN keys, or swipe if you have a touchscreen device.